About #LTCGreen

Since 2010, London Theatre Consortium has been running a groundbreaking collaborative environmental sustainability project – #LTCGreen.

We are working in partnership with Julie’s Bicycle, a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Now in its seventh year, the #LTCGreen campaign addresses global, systematic challenges to living and working sustainably using local, practical solutions.


What #LTCGreen has done

Each theatre has worked hard to embed sustainability across all its areas of work. Staff teams have been tooled up with practical skills and knowledge, led from the top with Artistic Directors, Executive Directors and Board members giving strong governance and support to each individual theatre.

From taking expert-led workshops and training to peer support and running creative initiatives (with a healthy dash of competition!), with every action taken, each theatre has, quite simply, been redesigning the future.

Each year, every theatre goes through the rigorous Creative Green certification process that uses heaps of data gathered throughout the year to identify sustainability successes and areas for improvement. All that data gathered across the LTC for Creative Green means we have a longitudinal study into the ‘greening’ of the theatre sector! 

We have worked hard to engage our audiences with this work and to promote discussion around the impacts of climate changes, particularly looking at how simple interventions and creative approaches can make positive change happen. Several LTC theatres have also worked with artists to explore these issues through the work on stage.


Highlights of the campaign so far

  • Commissioned work on climate change and environmental issues includes the Bush Theatre’s F**k the Polar Bears, the Royal Court’s Ten Billion, The Heretic, and 2071, and the Young Vic’s ‘Classics for a New Climate’ series.
  • Many LTC theatres have run creative environmental campaigns, e.g. Lyric Hammersmith’s #21daysofaction campaign around COP21, Young Vic’s Sustainable September, and Soho and Tricycle’s electronic recycling.
  • Several theatres have made the switch to ‘green’ energy suppliers who can guarantee that 100% of the energy they supply is from renewable generation such as solar, wind and hydro power.
  • Some theatres have started or completed capital build projects embedding sustainability in all areas from the practical (low flush loos) to the inspirational (rooftop herb gardens with lunchtime staff gardening clubs).
  • We’ve also embraced the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ approach to producing our shows – there are too many great stories to tell here, from feeding the 60 apples a day used in one run of a show to police horses and animals at Vauxhall City Farm, to making free downloadable programmes available, and of course, insisting that wood for sets is FSA certified.


LTC is committed to continuing to achieve the Mayor of London’s 2025 target – a carbon reduction of at least 4% per year, every year between now and 2025.

And because of this programme, that’s not just guess work – it is quantifiable, we can evidence it, and we have the expertise, commitment and skills to achieve it. That’s COP21 and the Paris Agreement in action with London theatre’s leading the way!

See #LTCGreen in action!