Welcome to the LTC

About LTC

London is a world leader in theatre. The London Theatre Consortium brings together 14 of London’s theatres to work in partnership with a belief:

  • that working together will help us develop strong strategic and creative initiatives,
  • that sharing expertise, practice and resources is a powerful mechanism for maximising efficiencies and for managing the sharing of work,
  • in the strength of collaboration and the power of a strong collective lobbying voice.

We are

Almeida Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Bush Theatre, Donmar Warehouse, Gate Theatre, Greenwich Theatre, Hampstead Theatre, Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, Royal Court Theatre, Soho Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Tricycle Theatre, Unicorn Theatre and Young Vic.

LTC runs projects and initiatives in several areas:

  • Representation, Inclusion and Access
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Workforce development, including our apprenticeship programme
  • Digital

We are also keen to share our practice and learning, and to advocate for the sector.

This group of theatres form a powerhouse of British theatre and a cornerstone of London’s reputation as a cultural capital, a role recognised in terms of public investment.

  • The combined annual turnover of the consortium is in excess of £50 million.
  • For every £1 of ACE investment, the consortium generates on average a further £4 to spend on making world-class work and keeping these beautiful theatre spaces open to the public.
  • The 14 consortium theatres sell nearly 1,400,000 tickets per year—more than the National or Royal Opera House.
  • Across the LTC, we employ over 1,500 core staff per year plus 1,000s more artists, stage management and freelancers.

 Every day of the year…

  • … nearly 4,000 people see a show in an LTC theatre;
  • … we present an average of 17 shows;
  • … in the region of 11k people check out LTC websites;
  • … we bring in nearly £75k in earned income (tickets, bars and cafes);
  • … we receive £28k in philanthropic, charitable & corporate support;
  • … Arts Council support helps us generate an additional £100k;
  • … we put over £91k back into the economy buying goods and services;
  • … we spend nearly £50k on core salaries, including £14k in tax and NI.

In addition…

  • … we work with 300 young people every day of the week during term time.